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Are you ready to break out of the same work routine? Do you have a strong sense of who you are, and what your passion is?

At True Blessings, we bridge the gap in family needs and work towards reuniting children with their families. We value trust, honesty, integrity, motivation, safety, ethics, care, and compassion.

Join us as we start you on a journey that will expand your possibilities personally, financially, and professionally.

Become part of our team today!

Family Time Specialists


At True Blessings, our Family Time Specialists bridge the gap in family needs by helping reunite parents with their children as they progress through their DCYF journey. We are responsible for the safe transport of children to and from their visits, supervising visitation between parents and their children, and writing detailed accounts of each visit to be submitted to each client's case. Ultimately, we are an advocate for our clients, both parents and children, on their pursuit of safety, comfort, love, and family.


21+ years of age


Associates Degree (preferred)
    or High School Diploma or Equivalent

Valid CPR/First Aid certification
   (Classes offered by True Blessings) →

Valid driver's license with excellent driving record

12 months documented childcare experience

Strong language and writing skills, including grammar and punctuation

Family Time Specialists (FTS) enjoy the freedom of flexible hours, and working on your own schedule! Each FTS is in control of your workload. This is a self-led position, so candidates must be capable of being motivated, work well alone, have strong communication skills, and be passionate about working with children and families.

Rates for FTS start at $22.44/hour, with ample room for growth! Get paid to do what you love, and support the children and families that make up our beautiful and diverse community.


Internships Available 

Team Meeting

Internship Qualifications 

  • Must be a TANF participant, or a current College student. 

  • Must be 21 years of age or turning 21 in the next 3 months. 

  • Eight months of documented Childcare or Youth Service experience. 

Take a chance on an opportunity to learn and grow your skills at
True Blessings. 

 -Learn the day-to-day operations of a thriving non-profit


-Receive free training and skills that can be used across many Social and Health Service fields. 

- Get paid to Learn

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We're ready to welcome you to our team!

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