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Who Are We?

True Blessings is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing outreach, support, mentoring, and resource services for the marginalized communities of the greater Pierce and County areas. Our mission is to bridge the gap in family needs by advocating for and supporting our community members on their journey to overcoming generational poverty. We offer one-on-one progressive case management to those experiencing housing and food insecurity, physical and mental health vulnerability, and financial and circumstantial hardship, as well as providing services and opportunities for underserved youth, and afflicted families. It is our goal to be able to offer stepping stones to our underprivileged community along their path toward self-sufficiency.

To find out more about what we do, request support services, or find ways to get involved, please contact us, or follow one of the links below. As we continue to conquer these challenging times, we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to all of our community members. Your support has honestly been a True Blessing.

Community Services 

Resource (Ongoing Project)


True Blessing resource service provides and connects clients with local private and non-private organizations available in their community.  Our services are modeled to support clients while providing hope and restoration to become self-sufficient.  Clients receive resource services that connects them with local case managers, document reading assistants, advocacy consultants, youth support specialist, transportation services, financial planning advocates, employment assistance programs, and creative art foundations.  These services are available to youth and/or families who feel they need support when following up with CPS, Court, School, Employment, Doctor appointments, etc.  Our case management services/skills provide strength and courage to True Blessing clients who transition in and out of life changing circumstances.  Clients who receive all services provided by True Blessing demonstrate and apply self-awareness and self-independence within their community.   


Outreach (Ongoing Project)

True Blessing outreach services are modeled to reach out to clients in areas that do not have many family services available.  Our outreach services consist of bringing awareness to how families can sustain and move towards self-sufficiency.  


True Blessing currently holds a No Child Left Unfed Fund for all True Blessing clients, this is an ongoing project.  This NCLU fund is available to children who have a negative meal account balance at the school where they attend.  The reason for this NCLU fund is to support the families who struggle to make ends meet within their homes.  Many times the child is faced with a negative meal account balance at school and is subject to an abnormal meal for the day.  These funds are centered to make sure that the children can be successful in school and the parents can receive support when transitioning in and out of unforeseen circumstances.   


True Blessing will also be hosting its first Wrapped with Love Blanket Drive (1 time a year event), we will be collecting brand-new blankets and/or sleeping bags for those who are less fortunate between the months of August and October.  True Blessing will have the opportunity to support the current homeless community and its local shelters that house low-income families and/or youth.  As you may know, families transition in and out of shelters losing belongings and valuable items, forcing them to start over or find ways to adapt.  Through the True Blessing outreach program, we would like to extend the possibilities for parents, children and the homeless to receive a warm blanket just for them to have as their own.  Generous donations will be distributed to low-income families and/or youth who make up a huge population of community residents who are at imminent risk of homelessness in Pierce County.  True Blessing Wrapped with Love Blanket Drive will be a wonderful way to give back and demonstrate compassion to Pierce County communities.  


Support  (Ongoing Project)


True Blessing support services connect low-income families, youth, and immigrant households in Pierce County areas to organizations that are suitable for their immediate needs.  Our support services are modeled to support the clients with assistance in the community by providing; document reading, advocacy support, transportation services, emergency food services, financial planning, and employment assistance. All services are centered to support families in the move toward self-sufficiency.

Young Starz Dance Club (Ongoing Project)


Young Starz Dance Club program was established in 2013 by Taht-Tiana Lux Vice President of Regional Operations and Programs of True Blessing.  The Club was created for youth ages 9-18 to receive a low-cost, safe, fun environment to express and learn creative dance moves. This program not only focuses on dance but provides youth with mentorship experience to guide them through their academic journey.  All members meet every Friday from 5pm-7:30pm the cost to attend is $5 per child/per month.  Members will have the opportunity to perform and showcase their talent at local venues, schools and/or events for their parents and local community residents to experience.  In this program school grades will be acknowledged and recognized for achievement and snacks will be provided to each member.  Members will also receive an opportunity to experience the chance to coach the class for the day in hopes to experience mentor and leadership skills.  In 2015 young starz was presented with the opportunity to practice at Boys and Girls Club of South Puget Sound (Spanaway Middle School Site).  Practice dates for members were Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3pm-5pm.  After hard dedicated work dancers were able to showcase their talent at the local Boys and Girls Club of South Puget sound (Thompson Site).  Young Starz long term goal will be to create scholarships for those who demonstrate financial assistance.

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Growing Our Vision

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